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A Taste of Antwerp Walking Tour

A Taste of Antwerp Walking Tour

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On this tour your guide will share some of Antwerp’s most famous anecdotes; linked to a couple of unique, local delicacies.

You have probably heard about the famous ‘Antwerpse Handjes’ (Antwerp hands), a must have souvenir. And after tasting them, you will never forget how this city got its name.

An expensive and delicious golden liquor in its beautiful bottle is not only served after a lavish meal, it has also saved the life of many a horse over the centuries.

Talking about horses, we didn’t only use them for transportation or recreation, they still do very well at the breakfast table.

The oldest local little candy looks quite exotic. mokatineWhen it was first introduced to the people from Antwerp, not only the looks, but also the taste was revolutionary. 
Thanks to the port this city offers an interesting mix in population, culture, and flavors.

We end our tour about 2 hours later in a local pub for a fresh Antwerp “Bolleke vant vat”, amber colored draft beer.

The tour runs from Tuesday to Sunday
Duration: 2,5 hours

Please note : the price is based on a minimum of 15 participants.