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Chocolate Walking Tour

Chocolate Walking Tour

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Everybody loves chocolate. We wonder about its fascinating origin, we fantasize about its mysterious powers, we love all stories about it, not to mention even the sheer delight of eating it.

We plunge into the history of chocolate and how it found its way to this part of the world. You will find out everything on this precious elixir that was used as a currency in the world of Aztecs and Maya’s, as a strong medicine in the 16th century and as an aphrodisiac at the court of powerful kings and emperors.

The guide will tell (chocolate) tales and stories about Casanova, Madame de Sevigné, Charles V, Madame de Pompadour, Louis XIII yes, even about George Bush. You will learn why it’s good to eat chocolate and how it can protect you.

Not only will you live healthier when you eat chocolate every day, you will also look better since cocoa is wonderful for your skin..

A large part of the tour is dedicated to the history of Marythe “praline” (filled chocolate). This Belgian invention from 1912 made our country world famous. And of course you will get a chance to taste some of the most delicious pralines in town, excuse me, in the world.

The tour runs from Tuesday to Saturday
Duration: 2,5 hours

Please note : the price is based on a minimum of 15 participants.