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Discover all the cultural and leisure opportunities of Antwerp and don't worry about organising your trip. The Belgian city at your fingertips!

Antwerp, a city brimming with culture and art. With an important historical background, major seaport, world capital of diamonds and home of the painter Rubens. Discover why this city of the Belgium has gained so much fame and appeal with the Antwerp City Card.


  • Museums and monuments
The Antwerp City Card includes free admission to 17 museums and monuments of the city:
Cathedral of Our Lady
Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp
Fashion Museum (closed from April 16th until 2020, because of renovations)
Saint Andrew’s Church
Museum Maidens' House
MAS, Museum aan de Stroom

...and much more!.
  • Public transport
You can travel free on the De Lijn trams and buses as long as the Antwerp City Card is valid.
  • Guided tours
You will get a 50% discount in many tours around Antwerp like the tour along the port or explore the city by bike. You can also enjoy a sightseeing trip in Antwerp with the hopNstop bus. 
  • Leisure
Free access to the De Konick Beer brewery. Great discount at Aquatopia, Badboot, Antwerp Zoo,...
  • Shopping
Up to 10% discount in chocolate and cookie shops around the city. For example in the shop "Philip’s Biscuits" you can discover the following specialty: Antwerpse Handjes. You can also get discounts on some local and traditionnal products from Antwerp.  

  • With a guide you can discover the historic centre of the city. The Antwerp City Guide will give you 20% discount on this tour with guide. 

How does it work?

Write your name and the date when you begin to use the card at the back of it (the card is personal and non-transferable) and present it in the participating museums and establishments that you wish to visit.

The admission fees are already paid… you only need to enjoy the experience


The Antwerp City Card is activated the first time it is used in an establishment where free entry is included. From that moment on, you have a set period of time to use the card, depending on the type of card purchased.


It is valid on consecutive hours. If for example you activate a 24-hour card on Monday at 1.45 pm, it will be valid until the following Tuesday 1.45 pm. It allows you to visit the permanent collection of the museums, monuments and attractions a single time. The temporal exhibitions are included as part of the offer.


Your Antwerp City Card then doubles as the ticket for De Lijn trams and buses.


Discounts will be provided in participating establishments throughout your stay in the city a single time; for discounts to be applied, you must present you card prior the purchase.